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Large Playrooms

We have large separate, dedicated play rooms for each age group that are very well equipped. The interior is designed in a bright, attractive, clean, warm and welcoming way, to make everyone feel comfortable and at home. With furniture and equipment that has been carefully chosen to be of high quality and age appropriate, allowing children to learn through the freedom of play with the importance of safety in mind.

Soft Playroom

We have a fantastic separate large soft play room which allows the children space to run, jump and have lots of physical fun in safe, soft surroundings. The soft play room benefits from having steps up to a tree house and slide; and lots of soft equipment for the children to climb on, crawl through and experiment with, with padded mats on the floor and walls to ensure safety. Children will benefit from time in the soft play for gaining social skills, encouraging physical activity, manipulation skills, discovery and spatial awareness.

Garden Area

We have two separate garden areas. One is primarily for the younger children that has an astro turf flooring to allow the children to crawl, toddle and run around on a soft, safe surface. This is equipped with ride on toys, playhouses, tunnels, sand and water play. The second garden is for our older children and has areas for digging and searching, planting and growing, a large area for riding bikes and scooters, playhouses for that all important role play experiences and sand and water areas. On a daily basis a variety of additional activities are made available for the children to interact with.

Healthy Living

We are aware of how healthy eating and wellbeing can influence a child's health in later years. We encourage healthy lifestyles, playing games and keeping the children active. We also provide a fresh, nutritious and balanced diet. We always aim to give the children healthy and tasty food, which meets their dietary preferences. All our food is home-made and is prepared by our own cook on the premises, using fresh ingredients. We have a four weekly menu, which is changed to compliment the seasons. We teach children to wash their hands before meals, after trips to the toilet, after outdoor or messy play. As the children grow older we help them develop good manners at the table with their friends. We are also very proud to announce that we have been granted a 5 Star (Excellent) Award for our Food Hygiene by Brentwood Borough Council. This is a great credit to our cook!

Learning Is Fun

At all ages, we offer a play-based curriculum which supports all aspects of your child's learning and development. We aim to help them discover that learning is fun – this is vitally important if children are going to remain keen learners for the rest of their lives. We consider their needs, stages of development and plan a challenging and enjoyable experience across all the areas of learning and development.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS), for which we are assessed by Ofsted. This gives us an outline to work within and helps when developing care and learning plans for the children.

Under this framework, learning is grouped into the following areas:
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Physical Development
• Communication and Language
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the World
• Expressive Arts and Design

When your child leaves the day nursery to move to a Primary or Preparatory school you can therefore be sure they will be well prepared. As well as additional support, we have also developed good relationships with local schools in the area and some teachers visit the nursery to meet the new children before they move on.

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French Lessons

Once a week, on a Thursday morning, we have a French teacher come into the nursery to hold a fun French lesson with our older children. Children aged 3 and over enjoy taking part in this enjoyable time, which introduces lots of songs, counting, colour recognition and simple words in French. The lesson is inclusive in the cost of the nursery. Helena from Le Club Francois has been coming to the nursery since it opened in 2010.

Football Lessons

Once a week on a Tuesday morning, we have a football coach come into the nursery to teach the children football skills. These sessions are for the children 2 ½ and older.

In addition to teaching basic ball skills such as dribbling and bouncing, the classes will also encourage the following:
• Improvement of balance and hand-eye co-ordination
• Social skills
• Awareness of posture
• Improved motor skills
• Increased self-confidence
• Enhanced muscle and bone development
• Positive body awareness
• Understanding the benefits of exercise

Playing ball sports will encourage positive social skills and help your child to recognise the importance of working as a team and respecting others. Ball sports are about participation, as opposed to individual learning where your child will be more inclined to compare themselves to others. They also help to create a sense of belonging and partnership which are great for self-esteem and general enjoyment of the activity. The lesson is inclusive in the cost of the nursery.

Tiny Mites Music

Once a week on various days Tiny Mites Music hold a session at the nursery for babies and children of all ages to join in with. The benefits of introducing music to children from a very young age are well documented and reach far beyond simply encouraging a child's innate sense of music to develop. Early exposure to singing, listening to and playing music provides an integrated learning experience for each child.

Tiny Mites Music provides a programme which is responsive to the development phases in childhood and where subjects are introduced at the appropriate physical, emotional and intellectual stages.
• Encourages language and listening skills
• Develops numeracy skills
• Provides opportunities to experiment with sounds and words
• Stimulates imagination and learning
• Improves social skills
• Helps self-expression
• Develops self- esteem
• Helps children understand emotions
• Introduces children to different sounds and styles of music
• Enhances understanding of rhythm and timing
• Improves co-ordination
• Develops and generates memory
• Enhances general well-being
• Encourages personal, social and moral development

The lesson is inclusive in the cost of the nursery.