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Large Playrooms

We have large separate, dedicated play rooms for each age group that are very well equipped. The interior is designed in a bright, attractive, clean, warm and welcoming way, to make everyone feel comfortable and at home...

Soft Playroom

We have a fantastic separate large soft play room which allows the children space to run, jump and have lots of physical fun in safe, soft surroundings. The soft play room benefits from having steps up to a tree house and slide...

Garden Area

We have two separate garden areas. One is primarily for the younger children that has an astro turf flooring to allow the children to crawl, toddle and run around on a soft, safe surface. This is equipped with ride on toys, playhouses, tunnels, sand and water...

Healthy Living

We are aware of how healthy eating and wellbeing can influence a child's health in later years. We encourage healthy lifestyles, playing games and keeping the children active. We also provide a fresh, nutritious and balanced diet...

Our Activities

French Lessons

For children aged 3 years and over. The children enjoy taking part in these fun lessons, which introduces lots of songs, counting, colour recognition and simple words in French.

Football Lessons

For children aged 2 ½ and older. Playing ball sports will encourage positive social skills and help your child to recognise the importance of working as a team and respecting others.

Tiny Mites Music

For babies and children of all ages. The benefits of introducing music to children from a very young age are well documented and reach far beyond simply encouraging a child's innate sense of music to develop.